Get Your Citations in Order … and Spy on Your Competition!

Citations, also known as Directory Listings, are one of the major cornerstones to getting found online for local businesses. Managing Citations is a monumental task at best and many businesses simply do not have the manpower, or expertise, to effectively handle this type of marketing project.  The good news is Get Found by Design has just made the job 100x easier with our FREE Citation Tracker Report!


  • Find existing Local Citations, and pinpoint the powerful sites you are missing!
  • Spot incorrect NAP (Name/Address/Phone) issues and prioritize which sites to fix first.
  • Locate harmful, duplicate listings and sort them out fast.
  • Spy on your competitors and spot Local & Niche Citations to boost your authority.
  • Add your own statuses, notes & priorities to manage more efficiently.

While this report is critical to effectively Getting Your Citations in Order, you don’t have to do the work yourself! Get Found by Design offers a professional efficient “Citation Builder PRO” Service that allows you the time to focus on your business!


Order Your Citation Audit Report today!

The data we request is critical to getting the most accurate and in-depth report possible, so please be complete in your answers. The final report will give you a detailed analysis of directory listing including duplicate or inaccurate data. PLUS we use your Business Type & Location data to identify and compare your results to your top 5 Competitors as found in Google+ Local Search!

Citation Audit Report

Complete the form below to request a detailed Citation (Directory Listing) Report.
  • We will use this name to conduct our audit. Please provide the most common form and stripped down to it's most unique state. This ensures that we catch as many active Citations as possible. (i.e. Joes Plumbing)
  • Use this if your company name has changed, or if you have used an alternative name in the past.
  • The should be the public phone number you use for the business, including area code.
  • Include an alternative phone number if your phone number has changed in the past.
  • We will automatically find your current address in our search results. Include an alternative address only if you have moved in the past and think you might have listings with a different address.
  • Include your primary business category (i.e. Plumber). Ideally it should be the category you have listed in Google+ Local if you know what it is.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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